Rapid Provisioning
Rapid Provisioning
Deploy servers in approx 5 minutes. On-demand provisioning is all about speed and productivity.
SSD All The Way
All rapid boxes come with fast next generation flash storage. Optimized for SQL and app delivery.
Elastic Infrastructure
Elastic Infrastructure
With hourly billing you can spin up new servers when needed and spin down to save money when you don’t.
Simple and Powerful

Next Gen Infrastructure

When you need a server, you need it right now. A RapidBox™ provisions in about 5 minutes. And with hourly billing, you only pay for actual use. Create and destroy servers as you please, private network, hibernation, and other features.

  • USA Based Support
  • 100% Network Uptime
  • RB Management Panel
  • Fast SSD Storage
  • Gigabit Switch Uplink
  • Private Internal Network
Not a Cloud Server
Why? Nothing is faster than bare metal and nothing is more private than a physical server. No overhead of virtualization. Cloud style of management with bare metal performance.
Need to build your own infrastructure? With our super easy control panel you can scale up and down, on the fly. Simply add, remove or pause running servers.
Instant Deployment
Save time with our instant provisioning technology. Want five usable servers in approximately five minutes? Not a problem, we have it at the click of your mouse.
Infrastructure Planning
Place your compute nodes into hibernate mode when not needed and drop your bill by 35%. No need to reconfigure your entire fleet of servers.

It’s a new way of thinking about infrastructure.

Evolved server management for the professional admin.